Typically , an image from Web- camera can be viewed using a standard browser such as , Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Many manufacturing companies are developing unique programs that combine the functions of the browser and operating software and allow you to manage , configure, and view images from the camera (eg , AXIS Camera Explorer software or control of JVC Professional to administer network devices line V.Networks) . There is also software for distributed network video surveillance systems , supporting equipment from different manufacturers , for example , Sphinx-DV company Digicore Systems. Many Web- camera software can to broadcast on the Internet, but this software has limited functionality . For example Image Studio provides photos and videos directly from your computer . Thus the video stream may have a speed of 30 frames per second, but this parameter is strongly dependent on the performance of the computer system. In addition to capturing media data , Image Studio with a manual on human photography allows you to create animated films . Using auto mode on HR interval shooting can capture such long
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