I will tell about money online investment. Investing in a network is investing money in investment facilities, with the aim of multiplying them. All projects of investing on the Internet multiply your money in different ways, but the basic persistence for all the same goes to the interbank foreign exchange market Forex. At which traders (people who trade in currencies) from different countries of the world exchange currencies at a favorable rate for them, and make money on the difference in rates.In addition to the forex market, to increase funds, and in other spheres of activity, for example, as a fund, a metal market, start-ups, issuing microcredits for high prices, stocks, bonds, binary options, mutual funds, high-income projects, trust management, online resources etc. Spheres in which you can multiply your funds today are in fact very many and they are all different, but if they have only the basic and most sought after ones. 72511
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