Today I will give you a site to buy visitors at very cheap prices. This site is in English and its owner is young, so this site offers many visitor services, different packages and sources you can specify if you want to buy visitors. Your site visits are any visit you receive from your site. This was a visit from a real user or from robots. Every site owner is more interested in real visits, but you have to pay attention to some of the visits to the robots because there are some important, Such as a ’Google robot’ which is specific to indexing your site articles in Webmaster Tools. If you do not allow this robot to visit your site, you are depriving yourself of a lot of free traffic from the largest search engine in the world (Google - Google). And of course there is a lot of the robot program that is harmful to your site. But how do you know the sources of visitors to your site and whether they are real visitors or ’bots’ and this will take us to the second concept is. Sources of your visitors: If you have a website you can, through Google Analytics - Google Analytics, find out the source of each visit that comes to your site. 32500
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