Everyone has a webcam these days. Whether it is built into your laptop or if it is above the monitor, there are lots of things you can do with web camera - including video chat, video chat with a group of friends, getting some effects to make conversation through the Internet Web antrenante.amerele are used for security. There is software that allows cameras connected to computers to track the movements and sounds, recording them both when they are detected. These records can then be saved on your computer, sent through email, or uploaded to the Internet. In a highly publicized case, a computer sent by e-mail when images of a thief stealing computer, allowing the owner to provide a clear picture of the face of the thief, police, even after the computer was stolen.
Recently were introduced privacy software webcams by companies like Stop watch or Webcamlock. Software shows access attempts webcam and prompts the user to allow or deny access to showing what program is trying to access the webcam. Allowing the user to accept a trusted program, it accepts or terminates immediately attempt. Other companies in the market producing and selling lens shutters that allow users to cover the camera software lens.
In December 2011 Russia announced that 290,000 were installed webcams in polling stations to monitor the 90,000 polling stations in the 2012 Russian presidential election.
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